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 Supported Contact

Our Child Contact Centres are neutral venues where children who no longer live with one parent can meet in a safe, child friendly environment.  Our Centres are staffed by fully trained, paid workers.

Child contact centres can help to bridge the awkwardness that a child may experience when seeing a parent for the first time when there has been a lengthy gap in parental contact.  Being in a centre can help to make the situation feel more normal for the child as they see other children meeting up with a parent whom they do not live with. 

Our Child Contact Centres are located in Woodside Place in Glasgow and Elmbank Drive in Kilmarnock. 

There is a cost for this service of £30 per parent, per session, or £50 for a Confidential Individual Consultation.

Supervised Contact


This is a specialist, more formal service that typically takes place when there is an Interlocutor (Court Order)  issued by a Sheriff, which specifies how often and for how long supervised contact will take place. 

We provide a detailed report of the Supervised contact to the Court.

Two specially trained Child Contact Centre workers supervise the contact on the day. 

  • One is in the room at all times to observe, listen to, and take notes of the interaction between the parent and child. 
  • These notes form the basis of the report provided to the Sheriff. 
  • The other worker remains outside the room and is available for the duration of the contact
  • The payment for Supervised Contact is typically arranged by the Court.

Where judged appropriate, private arrangements for Supervised Contact can be offered on an individual case by case basis.

There is a cost for this service of £200 for an Individual Consultation per person, the session is £100 per hour per person and a Court Report is £200 per person.

Child Contact Centre Registration Forms


Please click to download the Child Contact Centre Application Form and once complete, please email it to: A member of the Family Mediation Team will review your registration and will contact you in due course.

The download contains the application form as a PDF and as a Word Doc.

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Which services do we provide?


Family Mediation West of Scotland provide the following services and are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm for appointments only. If you would like to book an appointment, have a service related enquiry or seek general information, contact us at one of the following centres: Glasgow Centre on 0141 332 2731 or email: or call the Kilmarnock Centre on 01563 657 860 or email:

All enquiries are treated with complete privacy and confidentiality.

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